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Students - How to get involved


See below the many ways to get involved with the Interfaith Center. You can attend events, volunteer, become an intern, and join the student organization, Interfaith Circle. Students are a vital part of what keeps the center going! The center is here for you as a support on your faith or purpose journey, a place to meet friends, and a chance to attend fun and educational events. Plus, who can say no to free dinner?

Interfaith Circle Student Organization

Interfaith Circle is a student group at Miami University connected with the Interfaith Center. We are a group with differing perspectives on faith and religion. We are exploring faith as a community committed to social justice, spiritual growth, and service.  Reach out on the Hub for more information about joining.

Like us on Facebook to see pictures of past events and to stay in the loop about what we're doing on campus and at the Interfaith Center!

Join Interfaith Circle on The Hub, where you can read more about our org, officially become a member, see who else on campus is involved, and keep up with events.

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